The Ansible playbooks are the main thing I’m working through at the moment, so that they are of decent quality and can be customized painlessly. This list is mostly for show, as very little has actually been made usable or reasonable.

# Meta
site-check.yaml      - Check host(s) meet playbook requirements

# Management / Operations
site-pkg.yaml        - Manage package(s)
site-syspatch.yaml   - Patch host(s) using syspatch
site-sysupgrade.yaml - Upgrade host(s) using sysupgrade

# Services
site-bpg.yaml        - Setup a BGP server
site-dns.yaml        - Setup a DNS server
site-mail.yaml       - Setup a mail server
site-mirror.yaml     - Setup an OpenBSD mirror
site-ntp.yaml        - Setup a NTP server
site-vpn.yaml        - Setup a IKEv2 or Wireguard VPN client/server

Something I want to play around with is the idea of bundling individual services in a way that somewhat implements modern equivalents. Rather than being treated as standalone utilities, they would be configured to mostly handle what the modern cloud-native options do:

# Service Mesh (Consul, Istio)
site-relayd.yaml     - Setup a load balancer
site-router.yaml     - Setup a router
site-switch.yaml     - Setup a switch
site-unbound.yaml    - Setup a validating DNS resolver

I don’t know how far I’ll take this idea, but it’ll be long after all the core pieces are in an adequate state.